Hamachi Problems and Solutions

1) Network Adapter Is Manually Configured With IP Error :

Go to My Networks/View Networks/Hamachi/Preferences/TCP IP and all of the settings to automatic.

2) Cannot write on network chatfield

Unless you have a Premium account, you cannot write on network chatfield. You can only send to users.

3) This server is using an older protocol (46) than your client Error

This means that you are using different versions of Hamachi.Download the latest version from the  part.

4) How can I play FIFA on Hamachi?

Watch videos for things to do to create and join a game:

As you have seen on the video, firstly you have to add the “Game creator’s” IP to Direct IP/NEW to connect. First click on “game creator” then click “Host” and after a few seconds you can click on “Connect” to join. Do not forget to click on the network creater’s IP before you press connect.

5) What are the settings for Counter Strike 1.5 1.6? How Can I Solve the Class C error?

Game creator should create a (.txt) file named aliases. And should write like followings:

Suppose that game creator's Hamachi IP were as follows and the players’ IPs were | and

Note that the second number of the game IP is 40

Write the players’ IPs to the Aliases.txt folder as follows;

Leave a space between two different IP numbers

For example:

Only the second digits of the players’ IPs must be similar to the game creator's IP. No matter how many players are joining the game, all should be written in this way. Game creator should do this.

After applying these settings shut down your Hamachi totally and restart it. This is mostly forgotten.

6) I cannot see created games

You are connected to Hamachi networks. You can send to and receive messages from your friends but you cannot see created games, or your friends cannot see the games you created..

Windows Firewall can be the reason for this.  Secondly, antivirus program can block the games. Thirdly, the Firewall or security programs you use can block the games.

Shut Down all security programs temporarily, and check whether you are connected or not. If you are connected to the problem items from one of these programs, check one by one to see which one is blocking the game.

7) The game quits while playing FIFA. Connection lost error?

Both of the players screen resolution must be set to medium from Game Settings..

This problem is because the screen resolution of the players.

For example: your resolution is 1024x768 and the other player's resolution is 800x600. When you set it to the game settings, the problem will be solved.

8) How Can I totally uninstall Hamachi from my Computer?

First, back up your Hamachi IP.

Uninstall Hamachi from my computer totally.

Make sure that no file is left in the “C:\Program Files\Hamachi ve C:\Documents and Settings\~UserName~\Application Data\Hamachi” folder. (Note: the Application Data folder is a hidden folder.)

Go to registry and delete all Hamachi registries. (Write regedit to start>startup, search Hamachi by pressing ctrl+F and delete everything related to hamachi)

Restart your computer and reinstall hamachi

9) Yellow light is on and I cannot join a game.

This means that you are having connection problems with the user and the yellow light is on. Shut down hamachi totally and start again. The problem will be solved.

10) Mediation server has rejected your login request error?

This is because of three reasons::

Reason 1:
If you installed the 1.0.x version of Hamachi, then you installed 0.9 version, and uptaded to 1.0.x version this problem occurs.
Reason 2:
Your Hamachi Identity information being modified because of the changes you have made or made by a program in the bug or registries. You have to reinstall hamachi.
Back up Your Hamachi.

Reason 3:
Your id may be modified because of an error occurred by Hamachi Networks. In this case have to create new hamachi IP and reclaim that the account of your previous id be transferred to your new id. You should send an e-mail to  including your both previous and new hamachi’s IPs.